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Are You Using YouTube to Grow Your Sales Yet?

Image result for home repairRecently, my lovely wife and I purchased a new home. We must have looked at a thousand different homes, before deciding to purchase a short sale property. We anticipated the opportunity to grow some sweat equity, and the home definitely provided that (more than expected). Since moving in we laid vinyl flooring in my office and the video game room, replaced the pool pump and fixed the ‘caretaker’ self cleaning pool system, repaired the gas water heater, and repaired and replaced damaged screens around the pool. And I am sure there is more to come. But, the point to be made is all of these tasks were first time ever, do-it-yourself adventures. And all were made possible by that incredible ‘free’ tool available to the public…. YouTube. That’s right, we saved hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars simply by watching several YouTube videos on the topic. The latest adventure was the screening project, were I sat on my couch drinking coffee and watching about 4-6 videos before heading to Lowe’s for tools and supplies. I then returned and successfully completed the task (without cussing even). But, make no mistake, I am not the only one. YouTube has become a part of modern culture. And it is more than watching cats fall in bathtubs (although that is amusing). It is a tremendous marketing tool.

Consumers today are more in tune than ever to the information assets that surround them. And education is a dynamic sales tool. Anyone trying to keep trade secrets to themselves to protect a few coins needs to get out of the time machine. Giving tips and insights to potential customers will make you stand out above the crowd. And it will endear them to you for supplying the knowledge they were looking for. Education about your products, demonstrating how they work, or showing how to maintain them will all be appreciated by your potential audience.

In the late 1970’s I was in high school. I attended East Bay High School south of Tampa, Florida. Our audio visual department had the distinction of being one of the first to own video equipment and provide it’s own television program. Somehow I managed to get into that class for three years. A lot has changed since then, but some basics are important when trying to create your own YouTube videos for your business. Two primaries are light and sound. Before starting the camera, be sure you have both. There is nothing worse than punishing someone trying to watch your video because the sound is awful, or the lighting is inadequate. Editing then becomes very important as well. It is often underestimated the amount of time it takes to create a good video. Sometimes the original has to be replayed and edited more than once. But, there are many video editing tools available for very low cost today. Just be sure to appropriate adequate time to do the job right when editing. Remember, you are projecting an image, so make it good.

Having the right equipment is good. But, proper skill can save you a lot of money. If you are on a budget, technology today has reduced the cost great for the tools to get started. So why not get started today creating that first sales generating video, and join those who are finding marketing with YouTube is a worthwhile investment.

If you need help setting up a YouTube channel and/or producing video for your business or organization contact me today. I will use my experience to help you become a YouTube star.

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